Cafe Racer Parts

Cafe Racer Parts

Cafe Racer Parts for Triumph, BSA, Norton, Royal Enfield, Honda & Triumph Bonneville. Ton up with our great range of Cafe Racer inspired items. The Cafe Racer style is as popular now as it has ever have been. Standard motorcycles are transformed into streamlined motorcycles which look capable of racing a track!

How did cafe racers get their name?

Traditionally a cafe racer is a stripped down lightweight motorcycle which is modified as cheaply as possible to go as fast as possible. They were built generally by young “Ton up boys” using stock motorcycles to race with friends and rivals between cafes in the 1960’s.

The bikes were usually minimal, anything not essential was removed to save weight, low bars were fitted and often a single hump seat. The rider wanted to get as low to the bike as possible!

How much does it cast to build a cafe racer?

As with any motorcycle renovation project, cost is variable depending on the items you would like to change. The cafe racer is a concept, not a set style. If you are building a cafe racer Triumph Bonneville, you may want to just change the stock seat and handlebars, or you may want to go all out and fit engine tuning products, new paint job, etc.

The idea of building a cafe racer is to make a standard road bike, into something a little more sporty. The most common cafe racer part is some low handlebars. Some use clip-ons, other ace bars, but the idea is to help push you down closer to the tank in a racing fashion. Other common parts are hump seats, sweptback pipes, Dunstall silencers, rear sets and perhaps even an alloy tank! There is no such thing as a complete kit, as the possibilities are endless, depending on the price you want to pay and how many products you want to upgrade from stock.

Where Can I Buy Cafe Racer Parts?

As England is the original home of Cafe Racers, The best place to buy the parts is in the UK. Especially when you are look for parts for a British Classic. We stock a great range for BSA, Triumph, Norton & Royal Enfield, as well as universal items for BMW and Honda etc. Check out our Cafe Racer Seats

What bikes make good cafe racers?

You can transform pretty much any bike into a cafe racer. In the sixties, the common bikes were British, the likes of BSA and Triumph, Norton were very popular, and still are today. However there is a new wave of Ton Up Boys who modify newer Japanese models. However, one of the very popular bikes for turning into a Cafer is the Triumph Bonneville. We stock a good range of Parts for Bonnevilles, but you can also check out Dunstall Motorcycles!


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