Motorcycle Rear Shocks

Our range of high quality vintage motorcycle rear shocks can be found below. We also carry Triumph Bonneville shocks so if you are looking to upgrade your suspension on your classic bike or modern classic, then look no further.

We carry quality branded motorcycle rear shock absorbers from Hagon Shocks, Dunstall, K-Tech, YSS and many more suspension unit manufacturers.

Types of Motorcycle Rear Shocks

Most classic motorcycles moved on to rear shocks in the 1960’s as an improvement from rigid or plunger frames. These were nearly all dual rear shock setups where two suspension units were used to literally absorb shocks from the surface. Many British bikes originally used Girling Shocks, and many of the below replacement motorcycle shock absorbers are Girling Replicas.

These rear shocks are a made up of a central damper which is surrounded by a coil spring. Some motorcycles also use shrouds to cover the spring and conceal the plunger.

We can supply rear shocks for a large range of motorcycles in varying lengths, if you cannot find the correct shock for your motorcycle then please contact us.

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