Amal MK1 Concentric Carbs

The Amal MK1 Concentric Carb Series was introduced in 1967 in two body sizes, 600 and 900, offering bore sizes from 22mm through to 32mm. Later the 1000 series was introduced with bore sizes ranging from 34mm to 38mm.

The versatile design offered left and right hand positioning to improve access to adjustment, and became available in 2 stroke and 4 stroke configurations. The concentric arrangement of the float bowl around the main jet removed the sensitivity to fuel surge of the earlier carburettors while the design of the slide and the throat optimised air velocity through the carburettor.

In addition to being universally adopted by the British Motorcycle Industry (BSA, Triumph, Norton etc) it was widely fitted to Spanish motorcycles, and offered as a superior replacement to all previous Amal Carburettors, including the Amal GP Racing Carburettor.

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