Amal Monobloc Carburettors

Amal Monobloc CarbThe Amal Monobloc Series Carburettor was produced from 1955 in a range of sizes matching those of the Amal “standard” range in body types designated 363, 375, 376 and 389. This carburettor replaced the “standard series” with the design intention of lowering production cost, complexity and reducing the major fault of the “standard” series which was fuel surge due to the remote location of the float chamber. The monobloc design incorporates the float chamber into the carburettor body casting, although it is still located to one side of the main fuel metering circuitry.

The 375, 376 & 389 series monoblocs are still manufactured, including the “chopped”  376 and 389 models. The 375 series Amal Monobloc was re-introduced in 2014 with the carburettor now being made from aluminium and using a hard anodised throttle valve.

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