Amal Carburettors

Amal CarbsAmal carburettors or Amal Carburetors (US Spelling) have long been the choice of classic motorcycle manufacturers and restorers. We always advise to stick with the original carb for your bike where possible.

Why choose an Amal Carburetor for your classic bike?

Amal carburetors are made to original specification for most classic bikes, including BSA, Norton, Triumph & Royal Enfield. Not only will the carb look correct on your bike, your bike is also manufactured to work with an Amal carb.

There are various carbs depending on the model and year of your bike, Pre-Monoblocs, Monoblocs, Mark 1 Concentric, Mark 2 Concentric and various others.

Amal have also improved the carbs from the original, for example the Premier versions are very popular, and an Alloy bodies carb has recently been released.

What alternatives are there to Amal carbs?

Whilst we recommend sticking with the original carb, some of our customers want a cheaper option. We also offer a range of Wassell Carbs which are a budget option.

How do you spell Carburettor?

It seems that caburettor is one of those words which is often misspelt, or misspelled depending on which side of the pond you are on! And the Atlantic ocean has a say in how you spell carburettor too! The UK spelling is carburettor, whilst the US use carburetor. To confuse things a little more Amal describe their products as Amal Carburetters. Australians use carbys too. However, most people should be able to understand what you are trying to say whichever way you spell or say it!

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