930/301 Amal MK1 Premier Alloy Concentric Carburetter

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930/301 Amal MK1 Premier Alloy Concentric 900 Series

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Part Number : 930/301PREM Categories: , ,

All new Amal ALLOY bodied Premier 930/301 mark 1 concentric carb

Left hand, 30mm bore, 4 stroke..

Fully adjustable float fitted as standard!

Main Jet: 200

Throttle Slide No.: 3

Pilot Jet: RJ17

Needle Jet: 106

The Premier version of the MK1 Concentric includes all the recent upgrades such as hard anodised slide, Stay-up float, new precision engineered idle circuit and aluminium needle valve. It has also been modified to use a new design of pilot jet.

Manufacturers' Description

The 900 Series AMAL Carburetter for four stroke applications has been re-designed to improve performance and wear. The new carburetter incorporates changes in materials which reduce the rate of slide and body wear and a precision engineered idle circuit which improves the pick up performance from idle and reduces fuel consumption. The precision manufactured forged alloy, hard anodised throttle slide has a low friction surface for smoother operation and greater wear resistance. The material of the carburetter body has a “passivated” finish which resists corrosion, whilst the ethanol resistant, puncture proof StayUp float and viton tipped alloy needle valve improve control of the fuel flow.

A new easily removable pilot jet provides precise metering of the idle circuit. The jet, which is located in the opposite position to the pilot air screw, is manufactured to tight tolerances allowing it to be replaced with minimum disruption to the adjustment of the carburetter. Initially the size of the jet replicates the 622/107 pilot bush. Other sizes will be available shortly. Removal of the jet allows access to the rest of the idle circuit for servicing. The new jet cannot be fitted to earlier versions of the Mk1 Concentric.

16 reviews for 930/301 Amal MK1 Premier Alloy Concentric Carburetter

  1. Guest (verified owner)

    Pleased with the carbs and delivery – best UK price I could find, however – for other customers – you may have to purchase extra appropriate fuel line banjos and carbs tops to fit your throttle cable ends – at extra cost. Also check the carbs settings as mine were incorrect – needle jet clip in the wrong groove.Good delivery service from Burton Bikes as usual. It would be helpful if this information was included in the carb description as the carbs come up as parts for the BSA A65 71 reg on the website. Burton's did advise me of the need to buy extra banjos when I e mailed them . I would use them again but would contact them first before purchase to establish exactly what I am buying. They are quick to respond to e mails and helpful in their response.

  2. Guest (verified owner)

    Excellent product sorted out my low speed and idle problems.

  3. Guest (verified owner)


  4. Guest (verified owner)

    Very nice, at a very good price

  5. Guest (verified owner)


  6. Guest (verified owner)

    Excellent service many thanks

  7. Guest (verified owner)

    all went smooth, no problems, thanks

  8. Fred W. (verified owner)

    am installing carb. today will let you know later about the results fred 4-11-2018

  9. Colin J. (verified owner)

    Carburettors and silencers delivered very promptly.
    Very impressed with the quality of the goods.
    Even the silencers which are non OEM pattern parts appear well made
    and chromed.
    I will hopefully be fitting the Amal Mk 1 Concentric Premier carburettors in a few weeks time. The 1977 T140V Bonnie had been lying up for 26 years which caused serious corrosion problems in fuel tank.Sorted tank out,cleaned carbs and replaced components,but still issues remained,probably pilot jet air channels,bit the bullet and bought new carbs.
    Go for it.

  10. Douglas G. (verified owner)

    Good service, good quality, timely delivery. Just wish postage from the UK to the USA was more affordable.

  11. simon n. (verified owner)

    Replaced the old worn out carburettors with new Amal Premier, set them up and the bike now runs very well.

  12. stuart w. (verified owner)

    Great product and service

  13. Alyx M. (verified owner)

    So good! Quality, legitimate, British bike parts! So happy I found this website! My boyfriend and I will be ordering more in the future! And even with a pandemic going on, shipping did not take very long at all!

  14. Simpson C. (verified owner)

    Usual quick service and correct products gets a deserved thumbs up :+1:

  15. Ronald U. (verified owner)

    Fast order fulfillment !

  16. david b. (verified owner)

    At the moment I cannot review the carburettor as I am waiting for a reply to my email after sending the carb back for an exchange
    yours truly

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