NEB Alloy Belt Drive Kit – BSA DB32/DBD34 Goldstar

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All alloy belt drive kit for BSA Goldstar

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All alloy NEB belt drive kit with complete dry clutch assembly

5 plate, 6 spring complete with pushrod, clutch tool, mushroom, clutch nut etc

Suitable for BSA BB34 / DB32 / DBD 34 Goldstar 1954-62 Swinging Arm Models Only
Can also be used for BSA B31/B33 1954-57 Swinging Arm Models* (NOT Alternator Models)

Belt tension; twist through 90deg. Clutch spring adjustment; as per workshop manual

Made in England by NEB Engineering

*This will alter gearing which you will need to adjust on the gearbox sprocket

The spring adjustment nuts are to be screwed in as far as they will go and tightened because there are steel spacers on the studs acting to ensure that each spring is automatically tensioned equally. A brilliant but simple solution to the problem of trying to balance the spring tension with each other and also tightening the screws down ensures that they don't loosen during operation a problem which often occurs with OEM clutches.

4 reviews for NEB Alloy Belt Drive Kit – BSA DB32/DBD34 Goldstar

  1. Jan H. (verified owner)

    The end result is a light clutch action and smooth drive take up. However, the crank pulley would not fit due to the anodised finish. It was tried on two cranks with the same result. It fitted o.k. once the anodising was removed. There were no instructions as to belt tension or clutch spring adjustment, so some trial and error was required to set the clutch to be as light as possible without slip

  2. Guest (verified owner)


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  4. Bernd A. (verified owner)

    Great stuff, that fits and works perfectly.

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