Complete 4 Spring Clutch Ass – BSA A & B Swinging Arm Models

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Complete Clutch Assembly – A7/A10/Rocket Goldstar/DBD Goldstar/B31/B33 All Swinging Arm 1954-63

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Part Number : 42-3264 Categories: ,

Complete Clutch Assembly - 4 Spring

Suitable for BSA A7/A10/Rocket Goldstar/DBD Goldstar/B31/B33 All Swinging Arm 1954-63 and also BSA M20/M21/M33 Rigid & Plunger Models 1937-58 (with tapered mainshaft)

The 4 spring clutch was an improved upgrade from circa 1960 and it is a popular modification made to early models.

Please note, this clutch now comes with the Alloy Pressure Plate 42-3173A

It is popular to convert from 6 spring clutch to this set up, this kit includes the following which you need to do this:

42-3236 Tab Washer

42-3237 Flat Washer

42-3267 Nut

42-3274 Pushrod NOT INCLUDED

Supplied assembled, Parts made in England

11 reviews for Complete 4 Spring Clutch Ass – BSA A & B Swinging Arm Models

  1. Guest (verified owner)

    I replaced the original 6 spring 3 plate clutch on my slightly tuned 55 swinging arm B31 with said part. It was as promised a bolt-on replacement. All the parts fitted correctly and quality seems fine. Functionally the clutch works well, it's very smooth in operation and doesn't slip, the only hassle being at this relatively early stage that it drags a bit when cold making for a fairly pronounced crunch on engaging first gear. Releasing the plates a few times beforehand helps and I suspect that the issue might be an issue of my set up rather than an inherent problem. I'm confident that I'll be able to improve this situation once I have a bit of time to tinker. By the time it got to New Zealand, it wasn't cheap, but I'm happy with it. Craig. Christchurch New Zealand.

  2. Craig C. (verified owner)


  3. Guest (verified owner)

    the best upgrade ive done ,so light makes finding neutral at the lights a joy , anyone thinking of changing clutches choose this one …..

  4. Yustinus B. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and fast shipping. Thanks.

  5. Aart M. (verified owner)

    Very nice clutch and quick delivery

  6. Neville C. (verified owner)

    Excellent service and quality item. Fast postage.

  7. Lee R. (verified owner)

    oo late for a picture as I have fitted the case back on, I hope to have bike ready for a road test soon the clutch does feel amazing.

  8. Frederix W. (verified owner)

    uitstekende service en zeer vriendelijke verkoper.

  9. Aart M. (verified owner)

    very nice clutch !

  10. Thomas W. (verified owner)

    everything was perfect

  11. Tomas Jansson (verified owner)

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