Petrol Tank Sealeater 1 Litre

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Petrol Tank Seal Eater

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Part Number : 73206 Categories: , ,

Universal sealant eater 1 Litre

For removing old,lifting tank sealer prior to refinishing. This product will remove sealants based on Novolac Epoxies, Amine Epoxies, Polyester resins and paint from the inside of steel or alloy fuel tanks.

Not suitable for fibreglass tanks!

We cannot send this overseas, if you are overseas and would like to order please contact us first.


Sealeater Instructions

Pour Sealeater into the metal tank to be stripped along with a handful of fine gravel and then fully seal the tank.

Sealeater works best by contact so: shake and tip the tank so that all surfaces are covered then position the tank so that an area is covered by the liquid for a period. Repeat this until all sealer has separated from the tank wall. Then empty the tank contents into a container for safe disposal. Leave tank in open air for 6 hours then rinse thoroughly with water. Treat the tank with Fertan Rust Converter and, preferably, Tapox Tank Sealer.

Only use Sealeater for removing petrol tank linings. Always avoid contact with Sealeater and its vapour and wear protective equipment


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