Fertan Fedox Rust Remover Concentrate 1 Litre

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Fedox Rust Remover Concentrate

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Part Number : 73203 Categories: , ,

Fedox Concentrate For De Rusting Steel Parts. Ideal For Dipping Metal Parts With Surface Oxidation. (1 Litre)

FeDOX is specially developed to remove all rust layers from steel, e.g. tanks, bolts, screws etc. It uncovers the bare metal from all layers of oxide.


Cleaning a Petrol Tank of rust using 11 litres of FeDOX solution:

Place 7 litres of water heated to about 600 C into the petrol tank. Slowly add one litre of FeDOX while mixing the solution. Add three more litres of heated water and mix thoroughly.

Let the solution react for at least 12 hours at 200 C (Room Temperature) or for a quicker action insert the heater from the kit and run at 34oC.


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