Fertan Tapox Ethanol Proof Petrol Tank Sealer

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Ethanol Proof steel petrol tank sealer

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Part Number : 73200 Categories: , ,

Fertan Tapox is a top quality 2-part product for the effective sealing of petrol tanks even in the face of ethanol and other agressive chemicals in modern petrols. Applied into an absolutely rust-free tank it will reliably prevent any future corrosion.

Designed to withstand 100% ethanol fuel. Most tank sealers used in steel motorcycle tanks are not ethanol proof, when they meet 5%-10% ethanol which is now present in most pump fuels, and they start to collapse blocking filters and carburetors. Tapox has a proven track record even when used with 100% ethanol fuels. Each pack includes sealant and activator, which when mixed should provide effective protection for a 3.5 gallon tank.

The inside of the tank should be clean and bare before use. If there is old sealant present, please see the Sealant Eater or if there is rust inside the tank, see Fedox Rust Remover

Ethanol proof.
Made in Germany
Not suitable for fibreglass tanks

Note that TAPOX requires a minimum curing time of 5 days ( 120 hrs.) at a temperature of 20 degrees C

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