Amal Aluminium Premier MK1 Conentric Carburettor (RH) – 626/300AL

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Right Hand Lightweight Alloy 626 Amal Carbs

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Part Number : 626/300AL Categories: ,

Amal Aluminium Premier MK1 Conentric Carburettor

Right Hand 30mm 626 Amal carb (626/300AL)

Suitable for: BSA A50 Royal Star (Single Carb) 1968-70,  BSA WDB40, Triumph T100 Daytona/T100C/T100SS 1968-74 amongst others

The Amal aluminium carburettor offers a weight reduction of around  ¾ lb over  the traditional zinc alloy type. This gives a great saving for racing bikes and road bikes alike. The carbs are also a very similar finish to the standard carbs and so will not look out of place on a period resoration.

This carburettor is built to a standard specification which provides approximate settings for this bore size and carburettor type. Ideal for anyone who wants to tune their machine themselves.

Comes fitted as standard with:

  • 3 Cutaway Slide Hard Anodised
  • 160 Main Jet
  • 106 Needle Jet
  • Premier Pilot Jet


We can rejet Amal carbs to your spec.

Manufacturer's Description

As a further step in the improvement and development of our carburettors we are now offering special light weight versions of our 600 Series Premier carburettors with the body and float bowl cast in aluminium. The carburettors include all the parts developed by us for the Premier carburettor – hard anodised aluminium throttle valve, ethanol resistant Stay-up float, removable pilot Jet and aluminium needle valve and have been comprehensively tested on the road and have already clocked up several trials successes.Genuine AMAL jets guarantee accuracy and consistency of performance.

4 reviews for Amal Aluminium Premier MK1 Conentric Carburettor (RH) – 626/300AL

  1. Guest (verified owner)

    Carbs were great but one came without the velocity stack. I emailed them and never got a response… Too bad. Good transaction otherwise.

  2. Javier F. (verified owner)

    In the best way

  3. Daniel L. (verified owner)

    Quick international delivery to Sweden. Haven't had a chance to install the new carbs yet.

  4. George B. (verified owner)

    I haven't fitted this carb yet, but quality wise it is a great step up from the standard "pot metal" model. I never thought about the weight before, but it is much lighter. Float chamber to carb body ruler flat. Recommended, worth the extra.

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