Aftermarket Dunstall Silencers for Triumph New Bonneville – UK Made

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£ 240.00 +VAT if applicable

Pair of UK Made Dunstall Silencers. Made specially for the Hinckley Bonneville (for off road use)

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4.86 out of 5

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Bring your Bonnie to life with this pair of UK Made Dunstall Silencers LH & RH

Made specially for the New Hinckley Bonnevilles (for off road use)

  • Triumph Standard Bonneville 2001-2009* See notes
  • Triumph T100 Bonneville 2001-2016 (air cooled only)


Fit carb and efi, 2000 on. Provision for side and centre stand.
Please note, these silencers will only fit the Bonnevilles with the kink up exhaust pipes (NOT SE Models, Thruxtons, Scramblers and Late 2009 on standard Bonnevilles)

No Adaptors needed! But to fit, the stock silencer hangers must be used from your original silencers.
118 Main Jets recommended for carb models, Remap recommended for EFI (Please note, new models must be remapped by an authorised dealer). Most dealers recommend using the TOR map.

Please check your local noise regulations as these silencers may only suitable for off road use in some areas

100 reviews for Aftermarket Dunstall Silencers for Triumph New Bonneville – UK Made

  1. Freddy (verified owner)

    Wow this muffler sounds awesome! Great price and fast shipping for Italy!

  2. Freddy


    Wow this muffler sounds awesome! Great price and fast shipping for Italy!

  3. Ross C. (verified owner)

    These silencers sound great and are excellent value. They were delivered promptly and transformed my 2009 T100 Bonneville EFI which after a year of ownership I was seriously considering trading in. I already had the Triumph off road silencers (TORS) installed. For me these were disappointingly quiet. In fact much quieter than TORS installed on a 2002 Bonneville previously owned, which were excellent. Clearly Triumph have toned down their after-market silencers. In keeping with the style of the bike the Dunstall pipes are significantly louder but not to an anti-social level (unless deliberately driven to be so).

    My only issue with them has been clearance for the centre stand – basically using the rubbers supplied the stand hit the pipes. This is an issue which I read about in a review prior to purchase, but was hoping had been resolved. I found a way around this by using a washer, the standard Triumph fittings and tolerance of a very slightly asymmetrical layout. This minor issue is a shame because it detracts from an otherwise good product and could be resolved so very easily by moving the retainer fitting a little, or supplying different stop rubbers. If anyone from the firm reads this review I am more than happy to help in testing possible solutions if any are under consideration and rewrite the above as appropriate.

    Overall though I remain pleased with both the product and the service/delivery which was excellent.

  4. Ben A. (verified owner)

    I cannot express my feelings about the quality ,delivery time and what a great product you have produced, it brings me back to my 650 triunph T110 and 650 bsa road rocket days as I am 75 y.o.

  5. patrice F. (verified owner)

    bien reçu ma commande très rapidement,et en bon état.
    Bonne communication avec le service technique.
    montage facile,et un super bruit sur la moto.
    merci pour le calendrier TRIUMPH et je recommande vivement votre site pour son sérieux

  6. Bill K. (verified owner)

    These mufflers are better than I expected. They sound very good, and are not frighteningly loud – about like my '68 Bonnie. Much, much lighter than the originals and a few inches shorter, so they look much more like classic Triumph mufflers than the stock mufflers, which are as hefty as chrome logs. Quite happy with them!

  7. denise b. (verified owner)

    The sound of the bike is released, to be able to still hear the exhaust note at 50 mph and above is the Bonnie answer to the Harley Davidson,I had the Tors couldn't hear anything after take off.The delivery time couldn't be better,the original shape of the peashooters and the quality of finish excellent.Nice British product well worth the money Thanks

  8. Jåel N. (verified owner)

    They fit great and sound awsome! A really nice deep sound that gave my Triumph Bonneville t100 a really good makeover! And there were really easy to mount just as its says bolt on! And fast shipping is always a big plus!

  9. Christophe B. (verified owner)

    Excellent pots, vont parfaitement sur T100, avec béquille centrale, son juste assez fort sans trop d’exagération. Awesome, fits perfectly on T100, with central footstep, sound not too loud, not too low.

  10. Nicholas C. (verified owner)

    Having hanging brackets included would be really helpful. Taking the brackets off the stock silencer will inevitably mean drilling them out or cutting them off. If you want to keep and use the old silencer this will mean having to re-tap the holes or create some other mounting arrangement. The silencers though are very good and sound perfect.

  11. Rob (verified owner)

    Super quick delivery. Very easy installation. When coupled with the 118 jets, as recommended, has made a real difference to the sound and performance of my bike.
    Nice one!

  12. Rory P. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with service and the silencers which look good and sound great – needed to get engine remapped what a difference it made!
    My only gripe is one silencer was delivered damaged which was replaced but there was a dicussion arround how much postage I would be refunded it has been resolved now but it meant I was out of pocket though no fault of mine otherwise I would have given 5 stars

  13. GJ B. (verified owner)

    The fittings are somewhat disappointing. Mounting the silecers with the Original brackets isn't a nice view. they pointing too far out. Crafted some brackets myself so the silencers are more in line with the bike. Still not perfect, they differ in height but most people don't look that good. Chrome is allright although right silencer has some pitting.
    Did a remap with tuneecu (20334). The results are splendid. Great power, smooth low torque.
    The sound is still getting better, it's growing more dark every time.

  14. Eric J. (verified owner)

    Not fitted these yet but quality looks excellent and they're nice and light too. Can't wait to hear 'em.
    Ordered 16:00 hrs Wednesday,arrived 09;15 Thursday,fantastic!!!

  15. Scott N. (verified owner)

    I wont get into the ordeal that I had due to some frozen bolts on my bike, but after much wresteling, they are on. and the sound is great. a slightly more bubbly and loose idle sound than the Tor exhaust that I had previously. and then just a big growl when the throttle twisted.. I am very happy. the over all quality of the Dustall product was about a B+. Definately in line with the price point. The only complaint that I have is that I beleive these should come with there own hangers. The bend on the neck of the pipe is a little straight compared to the Triumph exhaust. so if they had hangers they would fit better. the other thing is that the cushions for the kickstand had some really sub par cushions. I had to use the ones off my previous pipes. Of course the service fro BBB was perfect.

  16. Eric J. (verified owner)

    I bought these on the strength of their looks and the video on this site. To say that I'm delighted is an understatement,they make the Bonnie sound just like a Bonnie of old- fantastic!. They are also a fraction of the weight of the standard pipes and fitting couldn't be simpler,well pleased thank you

  17. David H. (verified owner)

    Just fitted the Dunstall pipes and what a result, its like a different bike.The fitting was very straight forward and the 'pipes' are of excellent quality. The sound is amazing and it is like going back in time, I cannot praise this kit enough, thank you British bike bits!!

  18. Cameron (verified owner)

    Aftermarket Dunstall Silencers for Triumph New Bonneville are high quality, have the classic look and sound amazing. Noticeable power increase with remap. Arrived quick and well packaged. Couldn't be happier with this purchase. Thank you British Bike Bits!

  19. pete d. (verified owner)

    I ordered these pipes and they were delivered the next day, excellent service, I fitted these to my t100 black and they sound superb a really great product, thanks.

  20. Kerry H. (verified owner)

    Great communication and 10 days for delivery half way around the world excellent. The Dunstall mufflers do exactly what is described, free revving engine and very good bark.

  21. John C. (verified owner)

    I had been bouncing around looking at all different brands of silencers for my '13 T100. Prices ranging from $60 a piece (EMGOs) to over $600 and everything in between. I'm a bit of a tight wad when it comes to spending money on myself so I set my limit at a mid-range $300, which led me to these. I knew I wanted UK made, not Asian, and these fit that criteria so I pulled the trigger.

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I hit the start button, a tinny, high pitch rattle or what? Well I can say, with out any hesitation, that these sound EXACTLY what I thought a Bonneville should sound like. A nice deep throaty rumble at idle and a chest rocking roar on the throttle, without being too obnoxious. All my buddies at work think it sounds badass. They are all jealous Harley riders.

  22. Beverley (verified owner)

    Very fast turnaround from placing web order to receiving item in my sticky little mits. Quality was ok. chrome looking a bit thin in places. I was pleased to see rubber bump stops for side and centre stands. HOWEVER- on my 2007 T100 with triumph centre stand, with out thinking, I moved bike of stand to here and feel a horrible clunk !! Yep, the bump stop was way to small resulting in the stand hitting my shinny new exhaust , denting it and chipping the chrome !! You have been warned. On a happier note (literaly) they sound great, although I did need to fit some baffles to quiet it down a little. Pulls like a train with other jet/airbox mods.

  23. Guest (verified owner)

    Brilliant. Really ,really pleased with them

  24. Larry S. (verified owner)

    My bike finally sounds like a proper Triumph!!! Easy install and quick shipping.

  25. Serge P. (verified owner)

    These Dunstall Silencers are probably the best thing I’ve bought in a while; they sound fantastic ! Only drawback is that I’ll probably have to bypass the AI (Air Injection) system as my Bonnie is now backfiring like crazy. Personally I love those backfires, however I have to admit that it’s up to a point where the neighbours might not share that statement 😉


  26. Daniel G. (verified owner)

    I recently bought, received and installed these Dunstall replica mufflers after listening to the sound they make on a UTube video, compared with various of the competition. I was not disappointed! They sound great with a throaty growl that is so reminiscent of my 1970 Bonneville, yet not too loud either. The look is spot on from the same period as well which is a big plus over the heavy, restricted, stock "sausage" mufflers and even the Norton "pea shooter" reverse cone megaphones that were on my 2014 T100 when I bought it as a year old bike. The chrome is really nice with only a couple of minor imperfections. Be sure to have the black mounting brackets from the stock mufflers handy as you will need to re-use them with these silencers.

  27. GARY L. (verified owner)

    Good service do exactly what I wanted

  28. cachodog (verified owner)

    These exhausts create a kind of bittersweet feeling on me. They look amazingly retro and sportive and sound fantastic, but they sound too much for my taste and Spanish local sound regulations too.
    OEM exhaust are around 83 dB at 3000 rpm. Dunstall exhaust are at 103 dB (without mutes) and 98 dB (with mutes) at 3000 rpm. It may look a small difference, but adding 20 dB is multiplying by 10 OEM sound and adding 15 dB is multiplying by 5'6 OEM sound. In Spain many circuits limit vehicles sound up to 90 dB, Dunstall exhausts can't be used in circuit even with mutes!
    They sound fantastic: deeper and louder than a Harley, but if you are a tourer keep in mind that you will need earplugs for long journeys.
    You won't be dissapointed buying them as long you keep that in mind.

  29. Gary K. (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best sound to place my W 650 back in the 60's. Fit is flawless. The richest deep chrome that the Brittish are famous for.

  30. Frederic L. (verified owner)

    Although I had to wait 1 month due to the pipes out of stock, they have been shipped as soon as Burton Bike Bits received them. It took 5 days to arrive in Bangkok, 1 day for custom clearance and 2 more days to arrive in my province town in Songkla province, Thailand. The local Triumph dealer had them installed and removed the air jet. I found them louder than expected at first, but after 1 day drive I felt they are just perfect!

  31. Baz M. (verified owner)

    You have heard the soundtrack a hundred times, in every movie from the great escape until the Japanese brands started sponsoring Hollywood, you have always desired it, now you can have it. The sound from these pipes is the real deal , exactly how a Bonnie should sound, even though the purists would say my 2009 fuel injected version is not a real Bonnie, it certainly sounds like one.Service from British bike bits was top notch, Quality of finish is superb, they look brilliant, and mount very easily ( and i am definitely no mechanic ). I can't wait for the finer weather, i need to share this awesome sound with the population.

  32. Jose (verified owner)

    Simple words…
    Finally my bike is alive!

  33. Jose (verified owner)

    I'm a daily commuter, and envery morning I can wait to ride the bike!
    Love the sound and the poping… Now the sound match with Bonneville caracter.

  34. Guest (verified owner)

    Excellant service thank you

  35. Riku K. (verified owner)

    Very fast and reliable.

  36. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    Just installed my Dunstall Silencers 8-3 -16… San Diego ca… No muss No fuss they were easy to install; What a bitcing sound!!! Thank-you BBB… Watch out HD…. I'm looking for ya… I removed the AI & the charcoal canister plugged carbs 06 Bonne…

  37. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    just installed my Dunstall silencers 8-3-16 the best sound & easy to hook up no muss no fuss just the sound i was looking for….. it sounds bitching in San Diego ca…. watch out HD im looking for ya…..

  38. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    I just installed my silencers 8-3-16… San Diego CA Easy to install no muss no fuss… they sound bitcing just what i was looking for… Watch out HD i'm looking for ya… I removed AI & charcoal canister plug my carbs next step jets 118… Thanks BBB… PS only took 5 days to get here i was in pressed…

  39. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    I just put on my Dunstal silencers 08-03-16… ca.. ''They" sound bitcing just the sound i was looking for…. Watch out HD i'm looking for ya… I removed the AI & charcoal canister next step jets 118 thats what they called for…..

  40. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    I put on my silencers on 08-03-16 CA…. They sound bitcing just the sound i was looking for…. Watch out HD i'm looking for ya…. No muss no fuss installing them, I also removed the AI & charcoal canister plugged carbs next install 118 jets… It only took 6 days from UK to CA thank you BBB very happy on time…

  41. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    My silencers
    came 08-03-16 … San Diego CA… They sound bitcing..just the sound i was looking for… I removed the AI & the charcoal canister next 118 main jets…Thanks BBB…

  42. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    ordered my silencers on 7-28-16 they arrive in san diego ca on 8-3 16 from the uk… no muss no fuss they slip right on & they sound bitchin look out HD i'm looking for ya….. I removed AI & the charcoal canister next 118 main jets.. thanks BBB…

  43. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    Install my dunstall silencers no muss no fuss just like they said they just slipped right on… And they sound bitcing just the sound i was looking for watch out HD i'm looking
    for you…arrived from the UK to San Diego CA in five days i am in pressed…. Thanks BBB

  44. DJ V. (verified owner)

    What a wonderfull sound. Bit loud do… but i am driving with a big smile on my face 😉 Quick service too. With in two days deliverd in the Netherlands!

  45. geoffrey w. (verified owner)

    After 12 months of riding my Bonneville 865 and it sounding like the proverbial sewing machine I decided after much googling to buy a pair of Dunstall silencers. Fitting was easy and there were no issues with the centre stand as reported by some users. I first tried them out without remapping and they sounded great but with too much popping and occasional backfiring on the overrun. After installing the Triumph TOR map, no more popping and the engine seemed more responsive and powerful. These silencers look fantastic, making my bike look more like a machine from the 60's. They are probably illegally loud but I don't care. A friend has bought a 2016 Bonneville T120 and says that if they produce the same silencers for his bike he will definitely be buying some.

  46. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    The sound is bitcing… look out HD i'm looking for ya… installing was on muss no fuss; they said slip on and that they did… they took about half hour to install them… i removed the IA charcoal canister plugged carbs next step 118 main jets…. Thanks BBB..

  47. ben m. (verified owner)

    Couldn't be happier with these. The sound when I first started the bike up after install was shocking, sounds just like my dads old bike used to. No longer have my finger resting on the horn to let other drivers on the road know where I am, they hear me. And it sounds good.

  48. Eddie L. (verified owner)

    Lovely sound.

  49. jesse s. (verified owner)

    Very very happy with the product, the price and the service. Arrived in 6 days from order date, all the way to Australia. Sounds way better than I could have imagined or any video could capture. I'm confident ill be doing much more shopping with British bike bits.

  50. Shane H. (verified owner)

    These mufflers are exactly like those of the "60's" Bonnevilles. They fit on my 2015 T100 perfectly. Took about 1/2 hour to install. The finish is gorgeous and the sound!!! Real vintage…takes me back to my first bike, a "68 BSA 650 Lightning! Used the Triumph TOR re-map for the ECM. Great service from British Bike Bits. Looking forward to getting my next "vintage" purchase.

  51. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    Dunstall silencers were a great buy the sound brought my t100 bonnie too life… when i put them on my wife was is in the garage keeping me company as put them on…they went on muse no fuss she was amazed at how easy they wet on so was i… but when i started it her eyes were as big as ping balls as were mine… the sound is great watch out HD im looking for you… thanks BBB.. San Diego C.A…

  52. Chris H. (verified owner)

    I love the sound of them, and they look really good on my bike.

  53. Guest (verified owner)

    My 2013 Bonneville T100 no longer sounds like a sewing machine thanks to British Bike Bits. The Dunstall after market silencers make a new Bonnie sound like a proper Triumph. I searched high and low for a quality silencer in the States. Once I found that iconic Dunstall provided a silencer that produces the glorious twin powered growl at half the price of some other aftermarket companies I was sold. Highly recommended !!!
    Quality product from a quality company.

  54. Ryszard M. (verified owner)


  55. David H (verified owner)

    Compared with the standard silencers on my 2001 Bonneville these are much louder. I have now ordered (and fitted) the baffles that go with these pipes and it's taken the edge off but still sounds much more 'authentic Bonneville'. i.e. my ears are not ringing now after a 20 minute blast around the lanes! Easy to fit, good finish, quality looks good; and great service from British Bike Bits. (See my other review on the baffles if interested).

  56. Gregory M. (verified owner)

    Super produit …

  57. John S. (verified owner)

    Great impressing sound. Fast delivery. Happy Man!

  58. Steven H. (verified owner)

    Pipes were just what I wanted bloody loud , the only negative thing the triumph garage at to cut the bracket off the right side pipe leaving the pipe unusable again, they didn't state that when I brought them ,so if you don't intend to put you old pipes back on at a later date then these pipes are for you ,now it's going to cost me more to get some more original pipes .

  59. Jacob H. (verified owner)

    Mufflers arrived well packed and in mint condition. Completely transformed bike in terms of sound and performance. Definitely need tune to minimize backfire.

  60. Kendall J. (verified owner)

    Fit and finish are great. Includes 2 bump stops for both side and center stands. Those could be a little more snug but work just fine. Without the baffles its a little deeper tone and a little louder than I expected it. These are the only things I can criticize about them. These are quality teardrop mufflers for half the competitors price. Sounds just like and older Bonneville just with a larger motor!

  61. Bob Barbo (verified owner)

    Bought Dunstall Silencers July 2016 … Call my wife into the garage hit starter & her eyes lite up like shiny new penny's & so did mine love the sound…Whtch out HD I'm looking for you San Diego Ca !!! Thanks BBB on speedy delivery …

  62. Guest (verified owner)

    Dunstalls are the goods. Also fitted Air Injection removal kit with resistor to remove the solonoid. No popping when backing of. Completely different bike.

  63. Paul S. (verified owner)

    These Silencers are very good. They fitted quite well and very pleased with them. I did make a couple of modifications to make them perfect. One was to place thin shim on the connection between Silencers and pipe to make a more secure fit. Plus fitted rubber washers behind fitting bracket of silencer to foot rest, again made it very secure. These are great sounding pipes but have also fitted removable inserts that I bought separately as wen your in towns or leaving your neighbours if your not under 2000 RPM they are very loud. I am happy with my purchase. Paul

  64. Lorenzo E. (verified owner)

    tengo una bonneville triumph t 120 black 2016, pregunto , los dunstall son compatibles con mi bonne?

  65. Guest (verified owner)

    Arrived well packed. Fits perfectly. Great sound and finish.
    Looks perfect with Hyde stainless down pipes delivered with the silencers.

  66. Martin S. (verified owner)

    Service second to none,I ordered the Dunstall pipes 11 o'clock in the morning and they were delivered 10.30 the following day.Took about an hour to fit had a lovely finish to them,and when I started my bonnie up……OMG the sound I was looking for,deep throaty growl just how a triumph bonneville should SOUND…..once again many many thanks bbb

  67. Robert M. (verified owner)

    I recently ordered the Dunstall aftermarket silencers for my 2014 Bonneville T100. I couldn't be more pleased with the price and fast delivery to the United States. The silencers were well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I love their appearance and am anxious to install them on my bike, I just need to work out the re- mapping procedure. I also purchased the Dunstall paddock stand for my Bonneville last year and am very pleased with it as well. It is well constructed and very easy to use, gets the rear wheel nicely off the ground for maintenance on a stable platform. Thanks to British Bike Bits for providing these quality products for my Bonneville.

    Bob Mathe

  68. Guest (verified owner)

    Terrific service. Dunstall silencers from UK to Sydney in a week.

  69. rod m. (verified owner)

    hello, thank you for the very fast shipment…the ilencer are great. they look good and the sound is also great.
    cheers from germany


  70. Gerard (verified owner)


    j'ai acheté ces silencieux, livrés en Nouvelle-Calédonie par DHL ( 2 semaines )
    le look est super et le son très profond, indispensable par contre d'atténuer un peu avec les dB killer ( même avec les dB killer, çà fait encore du bruit si on essore la poignée de gaz ! )
    ma Bonnie est complètement différente, rien à voir entre avant et après avoir monté les Dunstall !….ne pas hésiter à franchir le pas !
    Many thanks to Danny and Carolyne from Britishbikebits !

  71. steve (verified owner)

    Do you have the chrome Dunstalls for a 2017 t120?

  72. Jonno B. (verified owner)

    Very fast postage and a nice quality product, thank you very much!

  73. GerhardV (verified owner)

    Honestly, mind blown! I placed my order on a Friday afternoon, Monday morning it was at my front door. The sales guys were super helpful and professional. Can not ask for better service ,will be buying all my other bits through them!

    Now, on to the pipes… Good Lord. The fitting was easy enough (remember to buy the exhaust paste!), took me less than 30mins. As for the sound, I've never heard my bike sound this good! It thunders, but not in a chavvy way. Its got a deep burble at idle and really lets rip when you open her up.

    The manufacturing quality is excellent, really impressed. Great product guys! Keep it up!

  74. Guest (verified owner)

    hello my mufflers looked great service was awasome i havent put my mufflers on waiting for my first sevice then i can get my remap thank you for the great service and help cheers joe sammut huntsville ont canada

  75. James P. (verified owner)

    Epic. Such a good sound fix to the boring stock pipes.

  76. Marv O. (verified owner)

    Love the sound just have to get the fuel injectors remapped by the dealer. Also have ordered your baffles to tone it down a bit. Great product!

  77. Lesley M. (verified owner)

    Great service, great exhaust and springs

  78. Pertti W. (verified owner)

    I recently purchased Dunstall Classic silencer for my 2014 Triumph Bonneville T100. Out of the box they sounded a bit too harsh to my taste, so I have played some different type of DB-killers to get somewhat lower and softer tone of voice without getting to silent or loosing a beat. Now I'm getting there! Easy to install and fits perfectly right. Super fast delivery to Finland, just 72 hours. Thank you!

  79. Uwe H. (verified owner)

    very positive experience…great postage…great sound…great service… great quality… thanks

  80. Evan S. (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery. Love these silencers, great sound and look!

  81. Neil G. (verified owner)

    Very nice sounds like a triumph now I love it

  82. russell t. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, delivered promptly but expect a real loud "roar".

  83. Steve D. (verified owner)

    These had been out of stock since lockdown due to the manufacturing company being closed, finally back in production and ordered as soon as ins stock!
    I just fitted them to my '07 Bonnie 865 (carbs), in conjunction with larger main jets, K&N filter, bellmouth and air injection removed. They sound great and the bike runs perfectly so thank you!

  84. Neil C. (verified owner)

    Good service

  85. Henry K. (verified owner)

    Just want to thank you guys. I bought a seat from you last year and Dunstall pipes just recently. The quality of the products were excellent. Shipping was faster than here in the states. I look forward to future purchases for my 03 Bonnie as we both motor on.

  86. Russell C. (verified owner)

    Easy to fit and a great sound, brings out the true British bike sound. Excellent service.

  87. John C. (verified owner)


  88. Boudewijn B. (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery and nice price/quality. They fit very good on my Bonneville 2001. To get the brackets off from the standard exhaust was a problem. You have to drill the bolts out because they will break in the exhaust. The metal is very soft and you can't use the standard silencers anymore. The side stand and center stand will not crash to the silencers because the two rubbers are located very good. You need to use a bigger main jet in your carb. And remove the SAIS secundair air induction system. It will help to stop the popping and banging on the overrun. The sound is very personal. For me it is a great sound but to loud. I have put db killers from about 20 cm long in the silencers and now the sound is a little bit lower. The looks with the new Dunstall silencers is very classic and much better than the standard long and very heavy cigars. Riding my Bonneville is much more fun now.

  89. Jonathan L. (verified owner)

    Good quality. Fast delivery. Not yet fitted but definitely look the part!

  90. Wayne L. (verified owner)

    My Triumph now looks and sounds like a proper British vertical twin! Great quality, great price and lightning fast shipping.

  91. Juan A. (verified owner)

    Fast reliable shipping to USA-
    Great quality, great looks!

  92. Patrick S. (verified owner)

    Not yet fitted, I will probably add db killers because I fear they will be too loud, but in this combination hopefully a nice deep sound without too much noise.
    Waiting for the db killers to arrive and time to fit everything

  93. EVANGELOS A. (verified owner)

    Excellent product!Great sound!Thanks

  94. Robert K. (verified owner)

    Good fit and excellent sound

  95. Claudio P. (verified owner)

    Good day. I'll tell you as they arrive…….
    Parcelforce is not too quick…….

  96. Tom E. (verified owner)

    The Dunstall Silencers arrived quickly and fit my 2013 Bonnie T100 perfectly.

  97. Rainer R. (verified owner)

    A bit rusty but its OK.

  98. Kevin W. (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic service
    These silencers have brought my bonnerville to life
    Thanks Kevin Webb

  99. Manuel R. (verified owner)

    I bought some Dunstall BBB48A3 exhausts for my 2013 T100. The shipment was very fast to Spain, but one of the silencers arrived with a manufacturing defect. The guys at British Bikes Bits quickly sent me a replacement, (at no additional cost. I didn't even have to return the damaged exhaust).

    The finish is very good, similar to 70's exhausts. Once installed I have to say the sound is lovely, a stealthy idle, and a wild howl when you open the throttle.
    I recommend these exhausts to anyone looking for a vintage Triumph look and sound.

    I really appreciate the attention of Danny Page for his patience with me.

  100. Gregory S. (verified owner)

    Great service, low stress install,
    Maybe a bit louder than the Wife was expecting but it's be heard and be seen!!

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