SRM Cush Drive Nut – BSA A7/A10/B31/B33/Goldstar 1956-63

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SRM Improved Cush Drive Nut

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Part Number : 42-0071/SRM Categories: ,

Upgraded Engine Cush Drive Nut

Suitable for Swinging Arm Model BSA A7/A10 & Rocket Goldstar 1956-63 & BSA B31/B33 1956 Plus Goldstar 1956 Models

Sick of having your cush drive nut come loose?

SRM have the answer ! Our new cush drive nut is made as BSA should have done it in the first place, this nut must be torqued to 65 foot lbs. This is not possible with a C spanner!! but with a hex head, you can now use a torque wrench to get it right!

Replaces BSA Part Number 42-0071