Podtronics Solid State Rectifier/Regulater – BSA/Triumph Single Phase 12V

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Podtronics Solid State Rectifier for Single Phase 12V Alternator Model BSA & Triumph

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Part Number : 10123 Categories: ,

Podtronics Solid State Rectifier/Regulater
Single Phase, 12V, 120Watt

Used to replace the original Lucas Rectifier & Zenor Diode

Great when converting from 6v to 12v

BSA/Triumph Single Phase 12V Alternator Models

  • BSA B25/C25
  • BSA B44
  • BSA B50
  • BSA A50/A65
  • BSA A75 Rocket 3
  • Triumph 3TA Twenty One
  • Triumph 5TA Speed Twin
  • Triumph T100
  • Triumph T120 Bonneville / TR6 Trophy
  • Triumph TR5T Adventurer / Trophy Trail
  • Triumph T140 Bonneville / TR7 Tiger
  • Triumph X75 Hurricane
  • Royal Enfield, Various Models
  • AJS Matchless and many others


Podtronics Part Number POD-1P, CS-4034T


  • Water proof and vibration resistant.

  • Attractive die cast finned aluminum heat sink.

  • Available in both single phase and three phase.

  • Suitable for use with high output single phase stator.

  • Will work with either 2-wire or 3-wire AC alternator.

  • Can be used to convert older 6 volt alternators to 12 volts.

  • Can be used with either negative ground or positive ground.

  • Single phase Hi-Power regulator designed for new 180 watt stators.


Podtronics Instructions

Full instructions included with unit

Single phase replacement for Lucas rectifier and zenor diode.

1. Disconnect the ground wire from your battery.  Observe if your system is positive or negative ground.

2. Locate and remove the zener diode. You will no longer need it. (Hint: it's gold colored)

3. Locate and remove the old rectifier. You will no longer need it either. (Hint: it's black and has three fins)

4.There should be three wires connected to the rectifier. The Green/White and Green/Yellow go to the alternator stator.   The "hot" wire is usually Brown/White.  This goes to the hot side of the battery.

5.Connect these two wires to the two yellow wires on the PODtronics power module.

6. Mount the power module in an area with free air circulation (i.e, do not mount inside enclosed area). Note- The heat sink is electrically isolated and does not have to be grounded.

7. If your system is positive earth, connect the red wire to ground and the black wire to output.

8. If your system is negative earth, connect the black wire to ground and the red wire to output.
(Note- Be sure you have the polarity correct, otherwise you can damage the regulator)

9. Now that you are sure everything is connected correctly, re-connect the ground wire to battery. 

6 volt to 12 volt single phase conversion

If you have an early bike with 6 volt, three wire alternator, this can be converted to 12 volts.

1. Connect the Green/Yellow and Green/Black wires together. They now become one leg of your system.
          (Note-  Later two wire 12v. alternators do not have the green/yellow wire.)

2. The Green/White is the other leg of your system.

3. Connect each leg to the yellow wires on the PODtronics.

(note- be sure to change the battery and all light bulbs to 12 volts)

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    Haven't fitted it yet but inatructions seem to be simple and looks robust

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    Very efficient service.

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    5 stars and good service

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    It works. Only time will tell if this is a long term situation. The previous rectifier/regulator (looks similar) also worked until recently, when it allowed incorrect current flow and left me stranded. Fingers crosssd.

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    Super fast delivery and good fitting instructions. Wouldn’t hesitate to visit again. Hope it last longer than my previous supplier's product!

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