Petrol Tap Indicator Plate Type (Reserve) 1/4″x1/4″ (UK MADE)

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Petrol Tap Reserve with indicator plate 1/4″x1/4″ UK Made

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Part Number : 60-4512 Categories: ,

Petrol Taps, Reserve (without tube) 1/4" Gas x1/4" Gas UK Made
Brass Centre, BAP Type

60-4512 Reserve Tap

Please note, these taps are ETHANOL RESISTANT unlike some of the foreign made taps!

Used on various models and years, please check your tank and pipe thread sizes

In order to determine the gas thread needed please see the guide below:

Gas Thread Measurements
1/8" Gas 3/8" dia x 28 TPI
1/4" Gas 1/2" dia x 19 TPI
3/8" Gas 21/32" dia x 19 TPI
7/16" Gas 7/16" dia x 19 TPI

TPI = Threads per Inch

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