Chrome Painted Export Petrol Tank – Triumph Bonneville T140/TR7 Tiger

Part Number : 83-7111C Categories: ,

£ 410.00£ 486.50 +VAT if applicable

Painted Chrome Steel Petrol Tank for T140 Bonneville & TR7 Tiger

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Part Number : 83-7111C Categories: ,

UK Made Steel Export Petrol Tank in chrome with painted black flash and gold pinstripe

2.8 gallons (Imp)3.6 US Gallon

For use with High brow badges (Please note, many of the pattern Indian badges are different radius and will not fit this tank)

Please note, this tank has a few imperfections in the chrome, unfortunately the camera will not pick these up. This is NOT a perfect tank!

Mounting Kit Includes:

Part Number Description
14-0113 Bolt (pair)
14-0302 Nut
60-2330 Washer
60-2321 Washer (pair)
60-2428 Spring Washer (pair)
83-3875 Filler Cap
83-4932 Mounting Rubber (pair)
83-1339 Screw (pair)
82-7888 Screw (pair)
82-9700 Badge
82-9701 Badge
83-4395 Tie Strap
82-9063 Distance Tube
83-4930 Mounting Bolt
83-4934 Mounting Rubber
83-3814 Washer
97-5061 Grommet
83-4776 Badge


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