Anti Drain Valve – Triumph T160/T150 Trident

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Anti Drain Valve for Triumph Trident T150/T160

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Part Number : LEG-0016A Categories: , ,

Aftermarket anti drain valve

Suitable for Triumph T150 1969-74 and T160 1975/6 Trident

Replaces 83-5892/82-9430 Standard Filters

From the Manufacturer

This unit is designed to prevent seepage of oil from the tank into the crankcase when the unit fitted in the crankcase has ceased to be effective. It is desirable to start the engine with a large quantity of oil in the crankcase. Whilst it should prevent seepage for a period of 1-2 months, some seepage may occur over an extended period.

The unit should be fitted as a direct replacement for the standard oil tank filter. Always fit and remove the unit using the larger hexagon. The new unit should never need to be dismantled. If it is, then care should be taken to ensure it is re-assembled in the same sequence. Failure to do so may result in oil starvation.

Always ensure the oil feed pipe to the engine is primed with engine oil prior to starting the engine. On initial fitment , turn the engine over using the kick start without starting the engine to ensure the oil warning light goes out.

If the existing unit is known to work effectively the ball and spring should be removed and it is not desirable to have both units fitted. Should the unit fail it will still allow oil to pass into the engine.

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