928/300 Replacement Wassell Carburetter

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928/300 Replacement Wassell Carb

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Part Number : 90449 Categories: ,

Right hand, 28mm bore, 4 stroke..

Fully adjustable float fitted as standard!

Carburettor Range : Wassell 9 Series

Main Jet: 180

Throttle Slide No.: 3

Pilot Jet: Bush

Needle Jet: 106

New for 2012 a new alternative carb. The Wassell carbs are a direct replacement so there is no need to replace any of the other carb related parts.

Why choose a Wassell carb?

Fitted as standard with adjustable ethanol resistant puncture proof floats!

High quality "Passivated" corrosion resistant retro finish.

Component parts are fully interchangeable with OEM Carbs

All carbs have been fully tested alongside OEM Carbs and under identical conditions, running characteristics and calibration of fuel flow rates were found to be identical.