7 Plate Clutch Conversion (Dunstall) – Triumph/BSA

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This aftermarket modification is a very popular item as it is a quick fix for many common clutch complaints on BSA and Triumph models.

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Dunstall Motorcycles LogoThis aftermarket seven plate clutch conversion by Dunstall Motorcycles is a very popular item as it is a quick fix for many common clutch complaints on BSA and Triumph models.

The kit will reduce the usual clutch problems such as slipping, sticking, swelling, dragging & heavy operation. As this kit has seven pairs of plates a lighter clutch spring load can be used in most circumstances.

Complete with high quality Surflex friction plates.

Kit consists of 7 Frictions plates and 1 plain plate (to add to your existing 6).

Suitable for:

BSA A50, A65, A70 1966-72 (All Three Spring Models)

Triumph Unit 650/750 (6T, TR6,T120,TR7,T140) 1963-83

Triumph 5TA, T90,T100, TR5T 1964-74

Plain plates Made in England, Friction plates made in Italy by Surflex

28 reviews for 7 Plate Clutch Conversion (Dunstall) – Triumph/BSA

  1. kelvin (verified owner)

    Fitted no problems Fantastic parts well worth the money. Cant believe the transformation.

  2. kelvin

    7 Plate Clutch Conversion (Dunstall) – Triumph/BSA

    Fitted no problems Fantastic parts well worth the money. Cant believe the transformation.

  3. andrew (verified owner)

    easy to fit clutch feels alot lighter and the bike goes much better,glad i spent the extra cash

  4. Michael R. (verified owner)

    Works well. I have noticed an improvement in the clutch pull.

  5. Steve C. (verified owner)

    Great kit! was a bit worried at the start when I thought plates weren't going to fit. I worried for nothing. Haven't ridden the bike yet still work to do. But I do recommend this product.

  6. ALAN M. (verified owner)

    Haven't installed yet but they are of good quality and fit well.

  7. Guest (verified owner)

    I don't know what I can really say here than I am so pleased at the difference over the standard clutch!!! I had already replaced the metal plates, but the original cork plates, while only a little worn, would take a LOT of clearing before starting the engine as the surfaces had become slick with wear.
    With this new set of plates, there is none of that – pull in the clutch, one quick (gentle) kick, and the plates clear. After years of sticking plates, this is a wonderful experience!
    To anyone worried about the clutch outer accommodating the extra metal plate (supplied) and the extra friction plate – there is nothing to be concerned about – it fits perfectly. AND – it DOESN'T SLIP either.
    I suspect that the reason the plates are easy to release is because (unlike my originals) they have sintered metal in the friction material (I'm guessing brass?), but to reiterate, I have not overtightened the compression springs so that there is a 'light clutch' (the adjuster-nuts are just under the top of the bolts) and IT DOES NOT SLIP.
    Yes, it is early days, but considering the price of standard plates, I'm more than happy, and I can always tighten the adjusters a little later if need be.
    (In case you are not sure, this set contains the normal compliment of friction plates PLUS one extra friction plate and one extra metal plate – so if your current metal plates are worn in ANY WAY, I'd suggest you replace them to get the full benefit from this set)
    SusiBiker xx

  8. Paul B. (verified owner)

    Used them a couple times. Use them!

  9. Guest (verified owner)

    Awesome.instant fix!!A great ,easy to install upgrade. The clutch is now a lot lighter ,and doesn’t slip or drag !!
    Best upgrade I’ve done on my bike …and I’ve done a few!

  10. Guest (verified owner)

    I am absolutely amazed at the difference the 7 plate clutch made to my T120, it's a vast improvement in every way. No slipping, smoother operation, excellent results. The service I received was excellent as well, recommended, 5 stars from me.

  11. Robert T. (verified owner)

    Improved the clutch in my T140 a lot. Now run less pressure without risk of slipping

  12. Clive W. (verified owner)

    Great set of plates. These are for a Silk 700s that I do repairs on.
    Will use BBB again as they are very helpful and informative and very quick with delivery.

  13. Guest (verified owner)

    Quality of plates looked good, all fitted OK, works perfect, first impressions are all good, will see how it fares this year

  14. Narendra M. (verified owner)

    Competitive prices good service

  15. Thomas B. (verified owner)


  16. Guest (verified owner)

    Really good upgrade.
    One problem though,i had to file the outer circumferance of the fibre plates to get them to fit and work properly.

  17. carl-henrik c. (verified owner)

    Some Product customization with the file was needed.
    Otherwise totally ok.

  18. Thomas K. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied! Thank you!

  19. stuart w. (verified owner)


  20. John G. (verified owner)

    Good quality parts and service

  21. Andrew G. (verified owner)

    Great product makes the clutch operation much lighter.

  22. dirk s. (verified owner)

    Very kindly and quick service

  23. James L. (verified owner)

    The 7 plate conversion achieved everything it was marketed to do. Much lighter clutch operation as I could put T120 springs into my TR7, smoother operation, no slip or drag, and I can finally fine neutral when stopped!

  24. mark p. (verified owner)

    Great product and quick delivery ,thanks once again .

  25. steve w. (verified owner)

    Excellent communication (phone up and ask a question if you are unsure – they are happy to help where they can) and service. Their stuff is quite good too.

  26. Martin J. (verified owner)

    I ordered a 7 plate clutch kit late Monday afternoon and it arrived early Tuesday afternoon the next day.Excellent service

  27. Ian B. (verified owner)

    Clutch lever know much easier to operate, a good improvement over the standard 6 plate set-up!

  28. Stephen G. (verified owner)

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