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Of late we have been getting lots of questions about our shipping. Who is Super Postie? What does Super Postie mean? etc etc

We recently started using a new courier service which saves our customers money, and provides a faster service than we used to give. Feedback has been excellent so far and our customers love the savings they are making. Here are some examples;

Country   Old Price   Super Postie Price
UK (Mainland)   £8.50   £7.95
Germany   £20.00   £17.00
Austria   £23.00   £17.00
Czech Republic   £36.00   £20.00
Finland   £36.00   £24.00
Spain   £23.00   £20.00
Italy   £23.00   £20.00
Portugal   £30.00   £23.00
Sweden   £36.00   £23.00

One of the biggest savings is with the International parcels which we send outside of Europe. These make up a huge amount of our sales and so we need a reliable courier. Our prices are the most competitive which we can find and our international sales are growing fast!

Super Postie can help individuals and businesses to save money! If you send in large volumes they can offer discounts off their list prices too!

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