Online Ordering Instructions

We have made every effort to make our online ordering system as easy and streamlined as possible. Many of you will be used to ordering online now and so we hope our site will be no different.

We do not have all of our 30,000 parts listed on this site as yet, so if you cannot find the part you need visit or contact us

Find the parts you need

We have three ways of searching for parts;

1. Search by OEM part number/description – Using the search box to the top right of the website where it says “Search Entire Store Here” enter the part number or search term and press enter on the keyboard or click go.

2. Search by your Make, Model & Year of bike – For those of you who don’t use parts books we have created a new method to help you find the parts you need. In the left hand column underneath the categories you will see a heading “Search by bike” with some drop down boxes underneath. Click on the first box to select the make ie BSA, the the second box to select model ie A65 then finally the year ie 1967. Hit search and you will see a list of products which are suitable for your bike. If you don’t want to go through the list your can click on a category to the left to narrow your search down, whilst keeping the make model and year selection. If at any time you want to reset your selection just click the clear button undereath the search by bike form.

Please note, whilst we make every effort to make sure the correct parts are selected for each bike please read the information on the product pages carefully with regard to sub models etc.

3. Search by Category – Of course no online shop would be complete if the parts were not categorised. You can easily drill down the categories to the left hand navigation menu. Either clicking on a main category such as “Engine parts” or a sub category like “Pistons”.

Adding Items to Your Basket

When you find a part which you want to purchase you can add it to your basket. On the product page click on the add to basket button next to the main image. You will then be redirected to your shopping basket where you will see a list of items which you have added.

Postage and Tax Prices

Onnce in the basket you can either click on the link to continue shopping, or if you have finished enter the shipping information (country, county/state/province and post/zip code). Click “get a quote” and you will be presented with your postage options, select the postage option you prefer then “update total”. Once you have done this you will see your final totals below. If you are happy to continue click on “proceed to checkout” for the final stage.

Please note, whilst we do not charge VAT/Tax on orders sent outside of the EU, there may be customs charges / tax / duty fees at your countries customs office. It is advisable to speak with your customs authority to check on this.

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