Boyer Micro Power Digital Ignition Kit – Honda CB400/750

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Honda CB400/750 Boyer Micro Power Ignition Kit

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Part Number : KIT00289 Categories: , ,

Boyer Micro Power digital ignition kit for Honda CB400 / CB750 4 cylinder single cam

Kit consists of:

a) Transistor Box BOX00235 (Blue box with wires)
b) Stator Plate (round printed circuit board with two coils type KH1a )
c) Magnetic Rotor (round plated steel unit with two magnets)
d) Plastic strap & small tie-straps
e) Black link wire
f) Female spade connectors
g) Copper-cored h.t. cable
h) Two dual output digital coils, h.t. clips, rubber boots
i) Coil fixing screws, nuts & washers

General Data

1) With this system all spark plugs spark at the same time, but only the cylinder under compression will fire.
2) Plug caps of 5000 ohm suppressed type must be fitted.
3) If the battery voltage drops lower than 9 volts the electronics will stop working.
4) The dogs on the advancer shaft will mark the inside of the magnetic rotor. If more clearance is required to fit the cover, the rotor centre can be filed out to take these dogs, this will move the rotor in and also lock its position. Drill two small holes on the inside of the rotor on the marks and file them out square using a small needle file.
5) This system will turn off the coils within 4 seconds, if the engine is static.


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